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    Unexpected cancer lesson I’ve learned: It’s surprised me how tough it is having to tell different people about the diagnosis and treatment. And trying to remember who you’ve told what. I’m still keeping it to a very small group but it always manages to come up somehow.

    Why do people want all the details? It’s like once they know, they are fascinated by it. This isn’t something that’s fascinating, it’s something that is devastating and destroying my family.

    Ugh. It’s just awkward when people ask me what my parents do or what tense I should use when talking about my dad’s profession. Then when I tell them I can see how badly they want to ask and most just do. It’s so difficult

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    Ugh I hate this. I hate when you meet someone, especially those people you know you’ll never see again, the people you just happen to strike up conversation with. It’s just not comfortable to divulge that. So it’s awkward and I lie and the whole time I feel uncomfortable, talking about my mom as if she’s still teaching, as if she’s not cancer-ridden. Sigh.

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    ^ This I relate to SO much. While its hard telling people in general, it is so awkward to be in those situations where there’s really no point. It also just feels like you would be burdening them. Which is weird because we are the ones who are burdened.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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