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    So my mom is officially dying from her brain cancer. they’re completely out of options.

    I was completely devastated after hearing the news. I still feel empty, like part of me is dying too. Well I told a friend and it was awful. They just kinda stared and didn’t say much and then changed the topic. Now I feel like I can’t tell anyone because it’s so draining and exhausting to even say the words, let alone have someone tell me that.

    Why do people suck so much? I feel like I have no support here and no one understands at all. They just want to live their naive lives.

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    I kept most of my dad’s illness to myself for as long as I possibly could. I didn’t want people to pity me or feel awkward around me. I was aware that my closest friends knew my dad had cancer but we never talked about it. Once we knew that my father’s illness was terminal and he only had a couple of months left, I really was in denial. I didn’t talk about it with anyone. A few teachers reached out to me because they were aware of the situation and I think that was really helpful. One day, my closest friends sat me down and told me they knew about my dad and they were there for me and it really felt like a weight was lifted. We talked about it and I cried and they listened. It was no longer the elephant in the room. This didn’t mean we had to talk about it all the time, but I at least knew that they would be there for me if I ever needed to talk about it. It may be helpful to talk with a small group of friends so that you don’t have to tell people more times than you want to. I’m sure you will find someone who is willing to listen and help. Not everyone can handle this kind of situation so some friends might react differently than others. It is so nice to have the support though and you can find that through a variety of sources. Again, teachers or guidance counselors you feel comfortable with may help you feel better. Nothing will make the devastation go away but having support from people will help you cope and live as normal a life as you can during this difficult time. I think now I kinda regret not telling anyone for awhile about my dad. It’s tough to bottle things up and you shouldn’t feel alone. Keep faith and never give up, enjoy every minute with your mom and seek support from people that want to help you.

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