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    So my dad is in the middle of chemo/radiation and for now he’s in good spirits. Is there anyway to get through this unscathed? I keep reading horror stories about parents slowly starting to look and feel sicker and sicker as time goes on. Is there no way he can stay somewhat healthy through this?

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    Hey ledzep,

    My dad also underwent chemo and radition. For a few months he looked just like his normal self with a few minor complications from it. However, he did eventually start to face more serious complications from them. I think the worst was that he got radiation to his throat and chest area and it caused such horrible irritation that he couldn’t eat. He also had neuropathy (damage to his nerves). I think it really depends on the person and the specific treatment though. If you have concerns, maybe try asking you dad or mom about what the potential effects are of his treatment? It certainly can’t hurt to try to prepare.

    No matter what though, he will still be your dad. No matter what he looks like, you will love him all the same. It can be hard when they start to appear ill but they are probably insecure too. My dad was. Just spend time with him, treat him normally and enjoy every day that you can! Keep the faith and remember that this treatment is to help him!!

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    My dad is also undergoing this same treatment! It’s so scary and I am cherishing the time we have where the treatment and the disease isn’t debilitating. I know that it can be so scary to think about our parents not looking like our parents. I worry about this all the time but its all superficial. Hair can grow back and eventually the effects of steroids and other meds can go away! All that matters is that they are fighting very hard for themselves and us <3

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