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    My mom passed away a few months ago and I feel like I can’t control when I breakdown. I thought that her illness and passing was hard enough but now I’m just trying find some peace and keep moving forward with my life. It was definitely worse at first – crying multiple times a day – but I was hoping by 2 months out it would be more manageable. Does anyone have any advice? I know that I will be sad and mourning for a very long time. I loved my mother very very much and her loss is the single most defining event in my life. Just hoping to find some strength to keep pushing forward.

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    My heart really goes out to you girl, I cannot imagine what you are going through but I want you to know that I’m thinking of you

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    First, I am so so sorry for your loss. I lost my dad a few months ago as well and each day is different. Some days are battles and others I feel fine. I am not an expert and I only know how I feel but I just try to let it all happen. have you considered maybe talking to a therapist? I know that’s not for everyone but I’ve started since my dad passed and while it doesn’t make everything magically go away, it let’s me talk about it. And while I may be quiet about it to my friends and family, for some reason as soon as I sit down the session flies by. Stay strong – you have survived this horribleness and don’t forget what your mom wants for you!

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    Cancer just sucks. So very sorry for your loss. I remember being exactly where you were and I was a mess. I thought that after she passed I would get control back but it seemed like the opposite, I dropped to rock bottom. I would say to just let it happen and try to find a comfortable space. Eventually it let up but even now, a year and a half out, it hits me at random times.

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    hi there – do you think you keep yourself busy enough throughout the day? for me, keeping distracted was the only way to go when my uncle passed. its still really hard with my dad now being diagnosed with cancer. i need to make sure that my mind is constantly stimulated so that i dont think about my dad or my uncle.

    make sure you get enough exercise, listen to lots of music & hang out with your friends!

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