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    I have never really been super religious like I attended sunday school as a kid and now I do sometimes go to sunday church with my family but I guess since my mom was diagnosed I feel a new desire to pray and believe? I was never truly sure what I believed, always kinda spiritual I guess.

    Have any of you found that you’ve become more religious since your parent’s diagnosis? I guess I feel a little guilty that this is what’s bringing my closer to God

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    So I definitely found myself feeling more spiritual. I haven’t really figured out yet how I feel but I find comfort in praying a little and kind of talking God. I would say that if it brings you some peace, don’t worry about how you reached that point! I think a lot of people find religion during hardships and that doesn’t mean they are any less devout

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    I definitely feel like in the last few months I am more religious. Idk if I would say I believe in anything particular like Ledzep but I feel spiritual. I feel like I believe now that life doesn’t end after death, that loved ones are still around in some way.

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