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    I am so furious right now, I can’t even stand it. My mom has lymphoma and it has been hard on our entire family. Despite the fact that the rest of us are all trying really hard to support my mom, to listen to her, to respect her, my sister is being entirely selfish and cruel. She barely looks at my mom, let alone spend any time with her. When she comes home, she goes straight to her room and stays there unless we force her out. I’m only 17 and she’s 15. I want to try to understand her but she won’t talk. I can see how much this pains my mom. Pains both my parents and they waste their time and effort trying to help her. She is not the victim here. She is not the sick one. And my mom did nothing to deserve this. Sorry, rant over.

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    I totally understand why you’re angry and you have every right. Sometimes I think people handle things poorly and react poorly as a coping mechanism. I doubt she’s really deliberately trying to hurt your parents and you but maybe she just doesn’t know how to handle this situation? Have you tried to talk to her or have your parents? Maybe talking to a therapist might be good? She’s very young just like you are and I bet she would appreciate the effort. She might regret her actions in the future so maybe explaining that to her calmly and supportively might help. Keep strong and keep doing what you’re doing! Send love and prayers your way

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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