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I agree with laylaloo. It’s a weird time when you’re trying to keep up with all your schoolwork and also worrying all the time about your dad. My school work was something that made me happy. It was something I was doing for my future and I knew my dad would want me to do the best I could in school. Some days, though, you may just have a difficult time doing work. During the last month of my father’s life, I felt guilty for doing homework or studying for a test while I could have been sitting by his bedside. I wish life could have stopped for me so that I could spend every waking second with him. However, I realized that my relationship with my dad was not defined by his last month. It was defined by my whole life spent with him. He told me he wanted me to continue living life, playing sports, doing my homework and see him as much as I was able to. He didn’t expect me to be with him at all times and he truly wanted me to keep living and I think it made him happy seeing me playing softball everyday and trying my best in school and it gave him reassurance that I was going to be alright after he was gone. It was hard to keep on doing things as if life was normal because I knew it wasn’t, but I knew my dad wanted this for me. I kept remembering that my dad would want me to do well in school but most importantly he wanted me to try my best and he understood that some days were going to be tougher than others for doing my schoolwork and that was okay. I think your father understands that this is a big life change for you and I’m sure he wouldn’t feel guilty about his illness impacting you. Just keep your head up and keep plugging away in school doing the best you can!