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I miss the sound of my dad’s voice from the sideline of every sporting event I ever played in growing up. He always knew the right thing to say or do, even more so than any coach I’ve ever had. His voice is something I wish I could hear again and would do anything to get back. I miss his hugs after the games and even his advice and constructive criticism during the car rides home. I’m scared of forgetting his voice.

I miss his laugh. He lit up a room with his laughter and was always the life of the party. I try to remember how much he lived life to the fullest and I attempt to live as vivaciously as he did.

Although it is difficult to remember every little detail of your parent after they are gone, the little things often come to you when you least expect it. And at first these memories are bittersweet but in the end they always bring me a big smile and I’m grateful for them.