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Hey Giantsfan9087 – while this is slightly different maybe it will help a bit? When my mom was diagnosed, my best friends mom had been sick with ovarian cancer for a year. She was the first person I called and I spent the diagnosis day crying to her. While she was so helpful and great at first, I realized that we both had very different ways of coping. I was super open about my mom and she was not. She preferred not to discuss it which was pretty hard. It meant that in order not to hurt her or make her upset, I had to be upset and bottle up my thoughts and feelings.

We had to take a short break from our friendship for a little. We never discussed it but it just kinda happened. I am happy to say that we are now just as close as before. Sometimes people need to cope in different ways. I hope you have many other wonderful friends that help you feel comfortable opening up. Of course we’re all here for you!