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Nerdyguy9 – My dad is also a single parent. My mom actually passed away when I was very young. I may be a few months ahead of you here but I think at first my dad and I kinda ignored it. As he’s gotten sicker we really didn’t have much of a choice.

I think the thing I realized that I needed was to be kept in the loop. While I appreciated him trying to protect me, he’s really all that I have and I’m all that he has. So now he let’s me go to his doctors appointments (when I’m not in school) and he keeps an open line of communication.

It’s definitely terrifying and I definitely feel like I’ve aged well beyond my years in a few months. I can also say that my extended family has been incredible. My dad’s sister has moved in with us and that provides me such comfort as I’m at school most of the day. She makes sure my dad takes his meds, eats and gets to his appointments when I can’t.

I guess what I think is best is having a team approach if you can. I know that their are resources out there and maybe your dad’s hospital or doctor can also help you find some. I hope you’re doing well with everything and I’ll be looking out for your posts!