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My dad recently started dating (about 2.5 years after her death) and it can definitely be difficult in ways I didn’t expect. I love my dad and I don’t want him to be alone but it can feel like someone is invading your life a bit.

I guess one thing I’ve noticed now that my dad has a gf is that it feels very uncomfortable to ever mention my mom, even though we used to talk about her all the time. I wish I didn’t have to feel like its a topic I can’t discuss.

While I like his gf, sometimes I think she oversteps her role. And I think my dad really pushes us to spend time together when quite frankly, that makes me uncomfortable.

Also to Natashaaaa90 – my dad said the same thing and it did take him a while (years) but he finally opened up to someone. While she may not be my favorite choice, I am glad he’s willing to try again! Maybe your mom will change her mind and just needs time as it is a very recent loss