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Hey, I just wanted to say hang in there. I know I’m not in your exact situation and I can’t understand exactly how you feel but if it means anything at all, time makes it easier. At least when I first found out, I felt numb. I knew I should be crying but I just sat there thinking about the word cancer. A few days later, I finally broke down and lost it. It sucked to cry that hard but it did help me feel a little better.

Talking to my best friend has helped me feel less alone. Also, going to the gym! I realized its really important for me to keep taking care of myself. Of course, some days I just can’t help but feel sad/angry/bitter/confused/anxious etc.etc. but I do my best to keep moving forward, focus on my school work, take time for myself, and honestly let myself cry.

Please keep us posted and don’t hesitate to post a new thread! I hope this helps a little!