About Us

A Glimpse Of Us endeavors to help young adults who have or have had parents with cancer connect and cope. Anyone who has experienced this knows that it is a challenging and emotional time — it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and alone.  Our primary goal is to build an empathetic, compassionate community where individuals feel comfortable sharing their narratives. Talking about something as personal as loved ones affected by cancer is difficult under any circumstance but it is our hope that sharing with others who understand will make it just a little easier.


Some of our goals include –

  • Highlighting the individual experience
  • Reinforcing that there is no “right” way to cope
  • Creating a safe environment in which young adults will open up
  • Challenging the idea that talking about disease/death/illness is taboo

Our Team –



Danielle Dressler, Founder


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Jessica Granville, Co-Founder


If for any reason you need to contact us, we can be reached at AGlimpseOfUs@Gmail.com

Special thanks to Dr. Eve Marder and Nina Mayer, without whom this site would not be in existence and Marian Siljeholm for her time and photos.